The ultimate protocol for the next generation of money.

Issue crypto assets, print physical money & launch P2P betting apps.

The next generation of Bitcoin is here.

PolyCash makes it easy to launch a digital currency with industry leading functionality. PolyCash is compatible with Bitcoin, Litecoin and others and each PolyCash-protocol currency inherits all the benefits of these blockchains while also supporting advanced functionality including P2P betting. PolyCash is a platform for stablecoins and these currencies can be pegged to dollars or bitcoins or can be backed by other sources of value like commodities and intellectual property.

PolyCash currencies are ideal for games and allow players to compete in daily fantasy sports, to bet on eSports, and more. The PolyCash protocol can also be used to issue stocks on the blockchain, to conduct votes, and for a wide variety of other applications.

PolyCash includes functionality for creating crypto gift cards. You can use PolyCash to create your own line of business cards with a small amount of bitcoin or altcoins on each card. Or create prepaid crypto cards tied to larger amounts of coins which can be sold for cash in person or at retail locations.

To learn more about PolyCash, please scroll down and join one of our featured games. Or read more by following these links:

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For App Developers & Token Issuers

  1. Design your currency by selecting appropriate parameters.
  2. Specify the sources of value backing your currency such as intellectual property or financial assets.
  3. Peg your coin to its value sources by creating legal & technical procedures for exchanging coins for the backing assets.
  4. If your coin includes betting functionality, find a source of data & incorporate it.
  5. Create the genesis transaction & launch your currency.
  6. Distribute coins to initial investors or other stakeholders.
  7. Decentralize your currency & build a network by getting people to set up nodes running your currency.
  8. If your coin incorporates betting, continue to resolve events and add new events for people to bet on.

For Players

  1. Find a game or currency that you’d like to participate in.
  2. Run your own node or create a wallet on a node that you trust.
  3. Buy coins with BTC, LTC or ETH via an exchange or by purchasing coins from a public node.
  4. Win or lose money by betting on in-game events.
  5. Sell out at any time via BTC/LTC.

Running Your Own Node

PolyCash is an open source protocol. Anyone can set up a node and then host any number of crypto assets. To set up a node, follow these steps:
  1. Install PolyCash.
  2. Install any relevant blockchains like Bitcoin or Litecoin.
  3. Find the game definitions (text files) for any crypto assets that you want to run.
  4. Paste the game definitions into your node and wait for the currencies to sync.

Try It Out

You can try out the platform by joining one of the games below. Some of these currencies are not backed by anything and you can get coins for free just for signing up. Others are backed by real money and you'll need to buy in with Bitcoin or Litecoin to get coins.

eSports Live $10K

Bet daily on CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends in this P2P betting currency.  eSports Live launched with a total supply of just 10,000 bucks backed by $10,000 real dollars.  In this game, 1% is charged to the winning bettors in each event.  This 1% is destroyed which means that the supply of bucks is constantly decreasing.  Deflation causes bucks to constantly go up in value against the dollar.

You can buy in or sell out at any time via Bitcoin.  This game runs on the Litecoin network and you can easily install this game on your local computer by installing Litecoin & PolyCash.  Or sign up for a web wallet here, buy in with BTC and start betting.

  Play Now   Match Results

  Play Now   Match Results

Daily Crypto Markets

Hold and transfer BTC, ETH and XRP pegged tokens with this experimental cryptocurrency. Or try to earn money by buying long and short contracts in daily issuance markets for these assets.  This coin is not backed by any tangible source of value and we're giving away 10,000 fake dollars to everyone who signs up.

  Join now & receive 10,014 dollars   Market Results

  Join now & receive 10,014 dollars   Market Results

Crypto Duels

Win your share of 2% daily inflation by betting on head to head matchups between competing cryptocurrencies. Duels last around 3 hours and the currency which goes up most in price during that time wins. Or rather than betting manually you can choose a hedge fund to bet for you automatically and receive emails every day about the performance of your portfolio.  Duelcoins are not backed by any hard currency and you can get a bunch of duelcoins for free from our faucet just for signing up.

  Join now & receive 510.2k duelcoins   Duel Results

  Join now & receive 510.2k duelcoins   Duel Results