The ultimate protocol for the next generation of money.

Issue crypto assets, print physical money & launch P2P betting apps.

The next generation of Bitcoin is here.

PolyCash makes it easy to create highly functional crypto assets without writing code.

PolyCash is a secure open source web application with several important functions.

  • A token issuance protocol.
  • A secure wallet solution.
  • A prediction market and peer to peer betting solution.
  • A decentralized currency exchange based on physical crypto cards.

To learn more about PolyCash, please scroll down and join Crypto Duels, a free game for betting on crypto prices. Or read more by following these links:

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Crypto Duels

Win your share of 25% daily inflation by betting on head to head matchups between competing cryptocurrencies. Duels last a little over 2 hours and the currency which goes up most in price during that time wins. Or rather than betting manually you can choose a hedge fund to bet for you automatically and receive emails every day about the performance of your portfolio.

  Join now & receive 5,000 duelcoins   Duel Results

  Join now & receive 5,000 duelcoins   Duel Results