Welcome to PolyCash. To get started, please scroll down and join a game. Or download PolyCash and contribute to the network by running your own node.

PolyCash games allow players to compete in daily fantasy sports, to bet on virtual sports, and more. The PolyCash protocol can also be used to issue stocks on the blockchain, to conduct votes, and for a wide variety of other applications. In PolyCash games, the currency inflates rapidly and players compete to win by staking their coins. Once the outcome for an event is determined, coins are created by inflation and given out to everyone who staked correctly. To get started, please scroll down and join one of our free games.

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For App Developers

  1. Find a source of data for your betting app.
  2. Design your currency by selecting appropriate parameters.
  3. Use the PolyCash GUI to create your new currency.
  4. Set up betting events based on your data source or by manually entering events.
  5. Distribute coins to the initial players.
  6. Set a buy-in policy to allow new players to buy in.
  7. Start the game & allow players to bet on in-game events.

For Players

  1. Find a PolyCash game that you’d like to participate in.
  2. Acquire in-game coins by buying them from other players or by depositing BTC, LTC or ETH to the game’s escrow account.
  3. Allow your unrealized gains to build up over time.
  4. Realize your gains by manually betting on in-game events.
  5. Or browse from a list of auto-staking strategies and connect one to your account. This will allow you to realize gains automatically 24/7.
  6. Receive notifications every day about the performance of your accounts.
  7. Sell your in-game coins for BTC/LTC/ETH at any time by trading with other players or by burning your coins if permitted by the rules of the game.

Running Your Own Node

PolyCash is an open source protocol. Players, game developers and anyone else can set up a node for any PolyCash-protocol game. To set up a node, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Install the underlying blockchain (BTC, LTC, ETH etc).
  2. Install PolyCash.
  3. Find a node already running the game and copy its game definition (a text file).
  4. Paste the game definition into your node and wait for the game to sync.

Try It Out

PolyCash is already up and running. You can try out the platform by joining the Coin Battles game below. In the Coin Battles game, players bet on which of 9 cryptocurrencies will increase in price the most during each 8-hour time period. After signing up and claiming your free coins, you can choose from a list of auto-strategies. After selecting an auto-strategy, your coins will automatically be staked for you every day.

Sports Betting Testnet 9/1/18

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