The ultimate peer to peer betting protocol.

Running Betcoin on your own computer allows you to participate in mining and place bets while holding your own private keys. To run your own betcoin node you'll need to install two pieces of software: Datachain and PolyCash.

Part 1. Install Datachain

After downloading, extract to any location on your hard drive.

Next, create your datacoin.conf. To do this, open Windows explorer and enter "%AppData%" into the location bar. Then enter the "Roaming" folder. Then create a folder called "Datachain" and open that folder. Then right-click, New -> Text Document and create an empty text file called "datacoin.conf"; it should be at a location such as "C:\Users\JohnDoe\AppData\Roaming\Datachain\datacoin.conf". Now edit datacoin.conf and enter the following values:


For "rpcpassword" enter a random string of characters; for best security it's recommended to use a password at least 32 characters long. You can search "password generator" online to find tools for generating a random password.

Now run datacoind.exe by double-clicking it or by running it via Windows command line. If your installation was successful you should see command line output as Datachain downloads the blockchain.

Part 2. Install PolyCash

PolyCash communicates with Datachain and serves as the front-end for the betcoin cryptocurrency. PolyCash is a web app that runs in your browser and is powered by PHP and MySQL. There are several Windows applications for running PHP and MySQL. we recommend XAMPP; please download it using the link below.

After installing XAMPP, open Windows Explorer and navigate to it's "htdocs" folder, typically "C:/xampp/htdocs". Then visit PolyCash on github, download the PolyCash source code via "Code -> Download Zip" and extract it to your XAMPP htdocs folder. Alternatively, if you have git installed, you can git clone the PolyCash repository to your htdocs folder.

Now edit your XAMPP httpd.conf file (typically C:/xampp/apache/conf/httpd.conf) and add this:

<VirtualHost *:80>
	DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/polycash/public"
Now open XAMPP and start Apache and MySQL. Then open a browser and navigate to http://localhost/. You should be prompted to install the PolyCash database.

Once the database is installed, navigate to "Manage Blockchains -> Datachain -> Actions -> Set RPC credentials". Enter the RPC credentials from your datacoin.conf along with the suggested values for RPC hostname, RPC port and Sync from block, then click "Save RPC Connection". Then navigate to "Install -> Start process in a new tab" to begin syncing the betcoin currency.

Part 3. Start mining betcoins

To begin mining betcoins, navigate to "Manage Blockchains -> Datachain -> Actions -> Start mining". And make sure you have PolyCash running via command line or "Install -> Start process in a new tab". To transfer mined coins to an account, navigate to "Manage Blockchains -> Datachain -> Action -> Manage mined coins".