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StakeChain Transaction: 94f5e58fab057b4ad6bfb47e1dd06fc4
This transaction has 3 inputs and 5 outputs totalling 0.10761295 stakes.
531.84k dollars in, 318.64k dollars out (213.2k dollars destroyed).
This transaction realizes 0 dollars of unrealized gains.
Loaded in 0.01 seconds.
#1 in block #462344, 3 inputs, 5 outputs, 0 stake tx fee.
TX: 94f5e58fab057b4ad6bfb47e1dd06fc4

[S] 112u3dLkmES9cAsvLxomayRVn6948w26k5 (Buy Amazon)
69,349 dollars   Spent
310.32 AMZN - 496.52k   Details

[S] 112seuwNFN4w6f6ddu6pvz8qQ5hKwFCsm6 (Buy Uber)
462.5k dollars   Spent
115.62k UBER - 3.2375M   Details

11j1BCWFsSrL5RkTFNAGoqRsMFqiAxBg59 (Buy Amazon)
159.32k dollars   Spent

[S] 112u3dLkmES9cAsvLxomayRVn6948w26k5 (Buy Amazon)
1.8776M dollars   Spent
8,621.6 AMZN - 13.794M   Details

11j17RyEPcEgfFTAckr4pRDjeX53oVYvzK (Buy Twitter)
159.32k dollars   Spent

[S] 112seuwNFN4w6f6ddu6pvz8qQ5hKwFCsm6 (Buy Twitter)
219.1k dollars   Spent
43,820 TWTR - 1.6651M   Details