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StakeChain Transaction: d1a044977a1ed60af5281445f607fa51
This transaction has 7 inputs and 9 outputs totalling 2.8885 stakes.
233.85k dollars in, 80,226 dollars out (153.62k dollars destroyed).
This transaction realizes 0 dollars of unrealized gains.
Loaded in 0.03 seconds.
#1 in block #388813, 7 inputs, 9 outputs, 0 stake tx fee.
TX: d1a044977a1ed60af5281445f607fa51

11jzdMYahhx6pH68EG22H49oYWhEXPGt1e (Buy Ripple)
25,088 dollars   Spent

[S] 112Y75PJHq5ib1UZvkoXN4QLBdN6g5qD8w (Buy Ripple)
67,619 dollars   Spent
228.66k XRP   Details

11jzej7GvcdTi93K6kxBnj4YM7SzvGasXL (Sell Ripple)
14,151 dollars   Spent

[S] 112NsW8NaA2i8tSW4MJkJrW6U4yVJn26he (Sell Ripple)
46,842 dollars   Spent
-229.29k XRP + 114.64k   Details

11jzXVmmLhSmz5x4sZCN4K4Ta4gidGCH5D (Buy Dash)
20,732 dollars   Spent

[S] 112Mo2tDGW2aAGx47JkDwuuGa4FUQx9HWF (Buy Dash)
59,419 dollars   Spent
569.97 DASH   Details

11k21DCFXcXonnM7CC3bAyENrvN7fMMF49 (Buy Ripple)
24,202 dollars   Spent

[S] 112Y75PJHq5ib1UZvkoXN4QLBdN6g5qD8w (Buy Ripple)
45,548 dollars   Spent
155.3k XRP   Details

11k225BMUQUQfBBVLv6EiJWAwiyE8ksBu1 (Sell Ripple)
15,911 dollars   Spent

[S] 112NsW8NaA2i8tSW4MJkJrW6U4yVJn26he (Sell Ripple)
31,243 dollars   Spent
-151.14k XRP + 75,574   Details

11k23nnfnLeGJxt9p9ayHQ2GdbEKyVqtZD (Buy EOS)
27,790 dollars   Spent

[S] 112Mo2tDGW2aAGx47JkDwuuGa4FUQx9HWF (Buy EOS)
52,388 dollars   Spent
13,066 EOS   Details

11k24AFHSFtgLWEK71XwFkH2vXvNnG9MvQ (Sell EOS)
12,322 dollars   Spent

[S] 1124ZgSNpXZ7yJZGPrwc2dBvwS5WXvFKBR (Sell EOS)
24,373 dollars   Spent
-12,243 EOS + 73,460   Details