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This UTXO belongs to 112MEqNJiVUG6p2rnsNWE2Mrk6wySodQZ9
Amount:    450.65k duelcoins
Status:    Spent, Resolved
This UTXO was created on block #333346 (round #3855) and spent on block #333595 (round #3860).
It added 1,126.6 duelcoins to inflation.
#20 in block #333346, 4 inputs, 7 outputs, 0 stake tx fee.
TX: 9eb7f7fc6def2b250bf403c9ca902706

11m2xhQSi9KjaWo7XC7G19aVG6ht7ic2iN (Ripple)
178.88k duelcoins   Spent

[S] 1124jMd9nSU5GrHfnJb9fj1bKC2tgLAzM6 (Dash)
731.75k duelcoins   Spent
442.09k duelcoins    x1.655   +731.75k

[S] 1124jMd9nSU5GrHfnJb9fj1bKC2tgLAzM6 (Ripple)
573.72k duelcoins   Spent
542.26k duelcoins    x1.058   +573.72k