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StakeChain Transaction: cffabf3912318e512f3b42fe44a9a399
This transaction has 4 inputs and 7 outputs totalling 0.05337015 stakes.
2.4632M duelcoins in, 709.02k duelcoins out (1.7541M duelcoins destroyed).
This transaction realizes 0 duelcoins of unrealized gains.
Loaded in 0.02 seconds.
#1 in block #367294, 4 inputs, 7 outputs, 0 stake tx fee.
TX: cffabf3912318e512f3b42fe44a9a399

11mRhXGDS6Fwds3WUDJnwFJSAP3fRmJoNm (Dash)
211.18k duelcoins   Spent

[S] 112uLFBPYaCnmpJBN24iCZX5WSmxEQhXzs (Dash)
928.08k duelcoins   Spent
864.48k duelcoins    x1.074   +928.08k

[S] 112zm5Kqjmm38rmH4Poj4AiQY2GEY2NFnp (Ethereum Classic)
1.3239M duelcoins   Spent
1.0509M duelcoins    x1.260   +1.3239M