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Duel #6462: Monero vs Dash
Winner: Monero
Total bets:
7.2959M duelcoins
7.2959M duelcoins were paid out to the winners.
Blocks in this event: 463651 ... 463900
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Paid 1 week and 2 days ago
2019-09-12 00:09:33 UTC
0.00% fee

Duel #6462: Monero vs Dash   

Winner: Monero

7.2959M duelcoins in confirmed bets

Monero   x1.318   (75.8%)
Up 1.389%
Dash   x4.140   (24.1%)
Up 0%

Transactions (7)

#1 in block #463680, 5 inputs, 5 outputs, 0 stake tx fee.
TX: c1bd509fd0802ce653f7a8d019a82588

11naXLoFcrTso9TZaGH6uvkfX6xaXafDnX (Ethereum Classic)
789.56k duelcoins   Spent

[S] 112gn3UFAs8X3rTv6n7dxXnUKGaHtajkcM (Ethereum Classic)
0 duelcoins   Spent
1.559M duelcoins    x3.207   +4.9998M

[S] 112gn3UFAs8X3rTv6n7dxXnUKGaHtajkcM (Ethereum Classic)
1.6737M duelcoins   Spent
788.77k duelcoins    x2.122   +1.6737M

[S] 1125eEaFrc82nr4wDi4koZMtew8sYp8Aoq (Dash)
2.7348M duelcoins   Spent
1.559M duelcoins    x1.754   +2.7348M

#1 in block #463782, 4 inputs, 7 outputs, 0 stake tx fee.
TX: 3ade60078e26b3c46e39b3e454419bd7

11na75mR4JPY495kMNzZ2i4p3v2fQFpHzf (Ethereum)
413.47k duelcoins   Spent

[S] 112Aj9i9R42XZKPWVDL64Q8VbFQfHAoWvR (Ethereum)
1.0307M duelcoins   Spent
971.95k duelcoins    x1.061   +1.0307M

[S] 112NJ2mJid5gFRC26EByrNWa56oa5NvK7b (Litecoin)
1.1076M duelcoins   Spent
844.12k duelcoins    x1.312   +1.1076M

#1 in block #463875, 6 inputs, 5 outputs, 0 stake tx fee.
TX: b8b1eb01d43643c9fb3a15081137d987

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