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Duel #6412: Bitcoin vs Ethereum Classic
Winner: Bitcoin
Total bets:
3.9506M duelcoins
3.9506M duelcoins were paid out to the winners.
Blocks in this event: 461151 ... 461400
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Paid 5 days ago
2019-09-11 01:09:39 UTC
0.00% fee

Duel #6412: Bitcoin vs Ethereum Classic   

Winner: Bitcoin

3.9506M duelcoins in confirmed bets

Bitcoin   x1.640   (60.9%)
Up 0%
Ethereum Classic   x2.562   (39%)
Down 0.815%

Transactions (6)

#1 in block #461369, 4 inputs, 5 outputs, 0 stake tx fee.
TX: b3a75abe3765485be63cdf8bc65e3eda

11nYQpzF3tcXvwQn3P4CQfYPnsxZ1CxJLT (Ripple)
139.5k duelcoins   Spent

[S] 1122UC5ZY3Y7aYDzbch8rQgz55PyBHbSfx (Ripple)
543.79k duelcoins   Spent
472.91k duelcoins    x1.150   +543.79k

[S] 112Ey2pD5WRut53pddQ89xEvWDrZJjW8DE (Ethereum Classic)
696.5k duelcoins   Spent
590.3k duelcoins    x1.180   +696.5k

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