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Duel #6411: Bitcoin vs Ethereum
Winner: Ethereum
Total bets:
1.402M duelcoins
1.402M duelcoins were paid out to the winners.
Blocks in this event: 461101 ... 461350
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Paid 6 days ago
2019-09-11 01:09:48 UTC
0.00% fee

Duel #6411: Bitcoin vs Ethereum   

Winner: Ethereum

1.402M duelcoins in confirmed bets

Ethereum   x1.745   (57.3%)
Up 0.338%
Bitcoin   x2.342   (42.6%)
Up 0%

Transactions (3)

#2 in block #461105, 6 inputs, 9 outputs, 0 stake tx fee.
TX: 3433285c19dd19affb052aa6755f1b32

11nZ72kFF858m6nvvC4A7SatAVm5zeGeLL (Ripple)
108.39k duelcoins   Spent

[S] 112K9dbcPwniVhEAdCfaLf2eQmZSC6iNga (Ripple)
460.52k duelcoins   Spent
263.06k duelcoins    x1.751   +460.52k

[S] 112uyxp1c7NUELtdA7cPaGVGfpKkcQMyBm (Monero)
0 duelcoins   Spent
141.96k duelcoins    x7.816   +1.1095M

11nYc3e9KM1HHnY3c9iEgthaeurJYqKRNF (Dash)
113.88k duelcoins   Spent

[S] 112tx8gwz9uBEYKGwAzKXCwfZETzUapQsi (Dash)
200.66k duelcoins   Spent
141.96k duelcoins    x1.413   +200.66k

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