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Duel #6398: NEM vs Dash
Winner: Dash
Total bets:
527.38k duelcoins
527.38k duelcoins were paid out to the winners.
Blocks in this event: 460451 ... 460700
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Paid 6 days ago
2019-09-10 19:09:42 UTC
0.00% fee

Duel #6398: NEM vs Dash   

Winner: Dash

527.38k duelcoins in confirmed bets

Dash   x1.062   (94.1%)
Down 0.163%
NEM   x17.04   (5.8%)
Down 1.134%

Transactions (3)

#1 in block #460686, 4 inputs, 7 outputs, 0 stake tx fee.
TX: 6a8a28fae857e24ded68f563c5db6f16

11nYW1os3DGrEfktbtshsXwwB7DvZCyLPY (Litecoin)
253.05k duelcoins   Spent

[S] 112VevRwu7sHkZuHiqDbfSuBGY8nh7CtYX (Litecoin)
573.26k duelcoins   Spent
508.97k duelcoins    x1.126   +573.26k

[S] 1124TDgggNwgPXwsReydhQLyF8838B3JvT (Bitcoin)
529.53k duelcoins   Spent
466.91k duelcoins    x1.134   +529.53k

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