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Duel #4985: Litecoin vs Bitcoin
Winner: Bitcoin
Total bets:
2.7964M duelcoins
2.7964M duelcoins were paid out to the winners.
Blocks in this event: 389801 ... 390050
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Paid 1 week and 2 days ago
2019-08-14 11:08:35 UTC
0.00% fee

Duel #4985: Litecoin vs Bitcoin   

Winner: Bitcoin

2.7964M duelcoins in confirmed bets

Bitcoin   x1.895   (52.7%)
Up 0%
Litecoin   x2.117   (47.2%)
Down 1.967%

Transactions (4)

#1 in block #389848, 8 inputs, 5 outputs, 0 stake tx fee.
TX: cf250a37ad4a84de047b81255249594e

11mgwAJLJ7i2dco4qR5VxXU78zCjYYr4FJ (Monero)
65,298 duelcoins   Spent

11mhFE79pA9Evstd4EM6DV56r938WyBN6f (NEM)
56,231 duelcoins   Spent

[S] 1128gKZ3cquFHjsyjqmc71XDkktFPnDnBH (Monero)
305.16k duelcoins   Spent
174.16k duelcoins    x1.752   +305.16k

[S] 1128gKZ3cquFHjsyjqmc71XDkktFPnDnBH (NEM)
297.02k duelcoins   Spent
163.85k duelcoins    x1.813   +297.02k

11mgxc7KMPMXbLAPu8xcQzBoh1jhkb83F9 (Dash)
65,298 duelcoins   Spent

[S] 112yRbaT3UnJxxXE8w4fAMTJte8y67Z3VH (Ethereum)
0 duelcoins   Spent
344.37k duelcoins    x2.218   +763.77k

[S] 112yRbaT3UnJxxXE8w4fAMTJte8y67Z3VH (Dash)
0 duelcoins   Spent
174.16k duelcoins    x2.975   +518.11k

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