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Crypto Duels block #388559
Block hash: d5ad400f5863c1a5a23cc452eae2690e640bf8aec5a2ef913af7764876569f03
Mined at 2019-08-13 21:08:02 UTC (17 weeks and 3 days ago)
This block contains 1 transactions totaling 717.7k duelcoins.
PolyCash took 0.07 seconds to load this block.

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#1 in block #388559, 4 inputs, 9 outputs, 0 stake tx fee.
TX: 29d626a688afc270b5abd3e0d100018c

11mgwf9VJ3z8DQ8vLgP7Y584EkhLogYA5e (Monero)
150.89k duelcoins   Spent

[S] 112kuLXBrMBgiLAcF7A99k13h4itRfC41D (Monero)
566.8k duelcoins   Spent
299.11k duelcoins    x1.895   +566.8k

[S] 112cwUfp4tDdm8LovsgnyG9iHT7FcHvn5s (Ethereum)
0 duelcoins   Spent
299.11k duelcoins    x2.215   +662.6k

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