eSports Live

Win your share of 15% daily inflation by betting on eSports. Or select a hedge fund to bet for you automatically. This game starts in -332851 seconds on Oct 16 2018.

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Game title:
eSports Live
Game definition:
Length of game:
Game does not end
Starts on block:
Genesis transaction:
Betcoins in circulation:
514.11k betcoins
Pending bets:
0 betcoins
Unrealized betcoins:
491.35k betcoins
Greater supply:
1.0054M betcoins
Buy-in policy:
Not allowed
200 votes per betcoin (0.5% per round)
100% to voters, 0% to miners
Blocks per round:
Block target time:
30 seconds
Average time per round:
50 minutes
PolyCash, 2018