eSports Live $10K

Bet daily on CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends in this P2P betting currency.  eSports Live launched with a total supply of just 10,000 bucks backed by $10,000 real dollars.  In this game, 1% is charged to the winning bettors in each event.  This 1% is destroyed which means that the supply of bucks is constantly decreasing.  Deflation causes bucks to constantly go up in value against the dollar.

You can buy in or sell out at any time via Bitcoin.  This game runs on the Litecoin network and you can easily install this game on your local computer by installing Litecoin & PolyCash.  Or sign up for a web wallet here, buy in with BTC and start betting.

This game started May 24, 2019 5:38am.

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Game title:
eSports Live $10K
Game definition:
Starts on block:
Genesis transaction:
Bucks in circulation:
9,472.9 bucks
Pending bets:
380.16 bucks
Unrealized bucks:
0 bucks
Greater supply:
9,853.1 bucks
Buy-in policy:
For sale by node operators
None, fixed supply
Blocks per round:
Block time:
2 minutes and 30 seconds
Time per round:
2 minutes and 30 seconds
Betting fees:
Backed by:
10,000 dollars
PolyCash, 2019