Currency Market 2019

Hold and transfer BTC, ETH and XRP pegged tokens with this dollar backed currency. Or try to earn money by buying long and short contracts in daily issuance markets for these assets. This game starts in -9699550 seconds on Jan 29 2019.

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Game title:
Currency Market 2019
Game definition:
Starts on block:
Genesis transaction:
Dollars in circulation:
89.816M dollars
Pending bets:
12.024M dollars
Unrealized dollars:
0 dollars
Greater supply:
101.84M dollars
Buy-in policy:
Not allowed
Exponential (0% per round)
0 coin rounds per dollar
100% to holders, 0% to miners
Blocks per round:
Block time:
30 seconds to 48 seconds
Time per round:
30 seconds to 1 minute
PolyCash, 2019