Crypto Duels

Win your share of 2% daily inflation by betting on head to head matchups between competing cryptocurrencies. Duels last around 3 hours and the currency which goes up most in price during that time wins. Or rather than betting manually you can choose a hedge fund to bet for you automatically and receive emails every day about the performance of your portfolio.  Duelcoins are not backed by any hard currency and you can get a bunch of duelcoins for free from our faucet just for signing up. This game starts in -33579971 seconds on Nov 19 2018.

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Game title:
Crypto Duels
Game definition:
Starts on block:
Genesis transaction:
Duelcoins in circulation:
645.11M duelcoins
Pending bets:
32.994M duelcoins
Unrealized duelcoins:
230.99M duelcoins
Total supply:
909.1M duelcoins
Buy-in policy:
Not allowed
Exponential (0.05% per round)
2,000 coin rounds per duelcoin
Blocks per round:
Block time:
30 seconds to 33 seconds
Time per round:
25 minutes to 28 minutes
Betting fees:
Backed by:
100,000 stakes
PolyCash, 2019