The ultimate peer to peer betting protocol.

Token issuance protocol

PolyCash is a blockchain virtualization layer with industry leading functionality. PolyCash-protocol cryptocurrencies are second layer tokens and PolyCash is an implementation of the colored coins concept. PolyCash is compatible with any blockchain based on the Bitcoin code. You can use PolyCash to issue crypto assets on top of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin & other blockchains.

Secure wallet solution

PolyCash is a wallet application that you can install on your local computer or on a public facing web server. PolyCash allows you to send and receive PolyCash-protocol crypto assets as well as native blockchain assets like Bitcoin and Litecoin. Polycash includes an explorer for viewing blocks and transctions for your blockchains.

Environmentally friendly gamified inflation

PolyCash assets can be issued with a fixed supply of coins or with an exponentially inflating supply. When you issue an asset with exponential inflation, the coin holders compete to win coins from inflation by staking their coins in inflationary betting events. We call this "gamified inflation." Gamified inflation can be integrated into blockchains as an environmentally friendly alternative to proof of work. Blockchains based on a hybrid between proof of work and gamified proof of stake reduce the amount of money given to miners, reducing energy expenditure for these blockchains.

Algorithmic staking & betting

Gamified inflation rewards coin holders for participating in inflationary betting events while coin holders who don't participate slowly lose out to inflation. In this situation, coin holders receive small payouts for regularly staking their coins in these events. Coin holders can set up algorithmic staking solutions to stake their coins for them automatically. PolyCash supports this activity and provides APIs for algorithmic staking. Algorithmic activity is central to PolyCash's design & gamified inflation is not the only situation where it can be used. In PolyCash betting apps, players can outsource their betting decisions to an algorithm or hedge fund which automatically bets for them every day.